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H.S.S. Gear Shapers | Cutting Tool Manufacturers, Patiala, Punjab

Disc Type Gear Shaper
Disc Type Gear Shaper

Range: 0.3 Module to 14 Module for Spur and Helical Gears.
Profile modifications: chamfering, topping, protuberance, flat or fillet roots
Accuracies: Class AA, A, B, C as per DIN 1829.
Material: M2, M35, ASP 30 etc.

Shank Type Gear Shaper
Shank Type Gear Shaper

Module – 1.50 to 8.00
Pressure Angle – 14°30’ to 30°
Accuracy – Class “AA” & “A” as per DIN (Deutsches Institute for Normung), BS specification
These are also made to meet the special requirements.

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